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We design, perform works and maintain green areas.

We are well known for respecting nature and having great knowledge of it, protecting the interests of our clients, having great experience in this field of work and being very efficient.

Whether you want to decorate your terrace, business premises, restaurants or hotels, a composition of plants which bloom in different seasons will significantly add value to your living and working environment and create positive energy for everyone using the space.

Decorating a terrace is a challenging task, especially in shady and dark parts of the object, surrounded by concrete without water. Minor transformations such as planting perennials, seasonal flowers, evergreen shrubs, flowering deciduous shrub species, as well as decorative trees in ceramic, wooden, tin or concrete flowerpots and jardinières will bring life to your space.

Vegetation can be used as a substitute for inert materials, which is of great importance in urban surroundings. Green wall, hedge, ground covers are as replacement or a supplement for concrete and metal elements. A good choice of plants which are resistant to urban conditions such as smoke, dust and extreme climate conditions will decrease the cost of maintenance of the green and ensure a healthy and representative look of the green area.

For the right choice of plant material it is important to have knowledge of the features of certain types of plants, their requirements concerning the quality and type of ground, exposure to the sun, need for water and nutrition. Thus it is of great importance to consult an expert in the phase of creation, who will for sure find an adequate suggestion regarding the greening.