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Spring is around the corner, nice weather conditions and you think about your lawn more and more.
Whether you want to set up a completely new lawn or you want to improve the one you already have, the same question is imposed.

Whether to choose a time saving solution and place carpet grass (lawn turf) or chose to take your time and form a lawn by sowing grass.

This is really a matter of making the right choice. The choice you make depends on several factors. It is good to know that the quality of the lawn doesn’t depend on which type of grass you chose. It is a misconception that a lawn formed by sown seed is of better quality than a lawn formed by turf. However, the choice of different types of lawns are greater when seeds are used because a mixture of seeds can be made which would best suite specific conditions in which a lawn would be formed (shadow ,semi-shadow place, whether the lawn is used intensely or not, etc.) . The preparation of the ground before forming of the lawn is the same in both cases. It’s important to mention that each lawn, whether it is formed by sowing or turfing, requires regular watering, especially in the summer period. We always advise our clients to previously install an irrigation system, in order to obtain a healthy and good quality lawn.

Some of the advantages of sown grass are:

  • Reasonable price compared to the price of carpet grass
  • Simple way of forming a lawn on minor surfaces or parts of the existing lawn which needs to be repaired
  • A greater choice of seed mixture for forming a certain type of lawn – lawn in a shady or semi-shady place, lawn intended for intensive trampling, etc.
  • A lawn formed by sowing is more adaptable to adverse environmental conditions, such as heavy shadow or poor soil structure.

Disadvantages of sown grass:

  • More time is needed for the lawn to be formed compared to a lawn formed by turfing
  • In case of heavy rain, immediately after sowing erosion of the seeds is possible
  • Birds peck seeds immediately after sowing
  • Requires more care immediately after the formation unlike grass turf

Some of the advantages of carpet grass:

  • The formed lawn can be used roughly after 4 weeks upon placing the grass turf
  • There is no erosion in case of heavy rain immediately after placing the lawn
  • Turf lawn requires less watering in the period immediately after forming
  • Placing carpet grass can be carried throughout the year

Disadvantages of carpet grass:

  • High price, especially on major surfaces
  • Must be promptly placed upon removing the grass turf, in order to avoid drying out and turf damaging

In case you have lack of time and you want to obtain the perfect lawn as soon as possible, the right choice is carpet grass, if you want to grass slope, a place at seed erosion risk, once again the right choice is carpet grass. On the other hand, for grassing larger surfaces we recommend forming lawns by sowing seeds because this is most economical. For areas exposed to unfavorable conditions for lawn growth, such conditions as heavy shade or lack of an irrigation system, we recommend sowing grass since there is a greater choice of grass seeds which will easily adjust to the specific environmental conditions in contrast to grass turf.