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We design, perform works and maintain green areas.

We are well known for respecting nature and having great knowledge of it, protecting the interests of our clients, having great experience in this field of work and being very efficient.

A good quality lawn is the base of high quality landscaping. Lawns require a lot of care and proper maintenance which include:

  • Regular watering
  • Mowing
  • Nutrition
  • thatching the lawn
  • Aeration
  • Clearing of weed
  • Other measures

We advise our clients to install the irrigation system prior to the beginning of the lawn format works, because it is the most economical and the safest way to obtain the necessary amount of water for the lawn growth and development in regular intervals.

There are many different ways of forming lawns but most common are two ways: sowing grass and placing grass turf (carpet grass).

The method you choose depends on the type of lawn ( its purpose, intensity of care, location, etc.), the period of time you want to obtain a formed lawn and finances.

You can read further on here how to make the right decision in choosing a method which best suits your needs and requests.

The preparation of the lawn is the same for both methods. It is necessary to have the final layer of good quality soil of 15-20cm. The surface where the lawn will be formed must first be grounded, then roughly planned and cleaned of excess material followed by fine leveling. The final fine ground planning is followed by the sowing seeds, that is placement of the grass carpet.

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