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We design, perform works and maintain green areas.

We are well known for respecting nature and having great knowledge of it, protecting the interests of our clients, having great experience in this field of work and being very efficient.


Company for landscape design, construction and maintenance

Demetra RB is a company specialized in providing complete expert services in the area of landscape architecture and horticulture.

The company was founded in 1992 in Belgrade. Due to setting very high business standards, throughout the years the company has acquired a great number of clients. The company is considered to be a reliable partner capable to respond to all requirements requested by its clients in the area of design, performing works and maintenance of green areas.

Our activities include complete services in the domain of landscaping, from the phase of design to the final realization. We offer the preparation of conceptual design of green areas, advice regarding the gardening, earthworks, greening, planting, designing and installing irrigation systems (drip irrigation and automatic pop-up sprinkler systems), installation of carpet grass, sowing grass, interior decoration and maintenance of plants in the interior, maintenance of green areas which implies mowing the lawn, sanitary cutting trees and pruning plants, fertilization of plants, weed control and other activities.


We are highly recommended because:

  • we respect and have great knowledge of nature
  • we respect and protect our clients interests
  • we have knowledge, experience and efficiency
  • we offer high quality work process
  • upon the investor’s call do a site visit to look over the current state. Together with the client we define the design task according to which a conceptual design is being made depending on the complexity of the task. Our landscape architect team, in consultation with you, is here to offer creative ideas for your gardening
  • offer including the bill works and the cost estimate follows the draft of the preliminary evaluation of the conceptual design.